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A flexible pay as you go service, to ease your workload. Let us make life easy for you...read more...


Take all the stress away, let us give you a helping hand and allow yourself time to plan....read more....


Case Studies for WorkSmart Virtual PA Services

Time to plan for tomorrow

Whether you use us on an ongoing basis or just for the times when you're snowed under and need an extra pair of hands. We're there when you need us, but only when you need us.

Using our services really can take the stress out of your working life and allow you the time you need to focus on developing your business. Call us on 0161 431 7074 if you would like more time to plan for your business.

Case Study 1

Stephen Rainford, Director of Urban Regen Limited has no hesitation in recommending WorkSmart Virtual PA Services.

"Using WorkSmart Virtual PA Services has proved an ideal and cost effective solution enabling us to outsource our requirements rather than taking on a permanent employee. We have the services of a professional and reliable PA but only pay for the hours worked and with the added benefit of these services being tax deductible."

Case Study 2

Yvonne from Greater Manchester Sports Partnership found our service invaluable when she needed someone to transcribe interviews for her Masters Degree. Tedious and time consuming tasks were delegated to WorkSmart.

"WorkSmart turned the work around quickly, providing me with professionally structured transcripts so that I could quickly find the information I needed……they saved me hours of time and were extremely cost effective."

Case Study 3

An SOS gave WorkSmart the opportunity to save the day, a powerpoint presentation was needed urgently and we didn't disappoint, within hours the presentation was available to use with key messages, backgrounds, animation and clipart to make it interesting and the presenter was able to work on more important matters such as researching the companies who would be attending that evening and possibly give him a new contract for his business.

Case Study 4

A client contacted WorkSmart earlier this year who needed immediate assistance, their secretary had left several months earlier and they didn't have time to recruit a new one.

"WorkSmart provided interim assistance, organizing their filing system, filing the backlog and dealing with all their emails and general correspondence, they were so impressed they decided they did not need a new secretary and continue to use WorkSmart on a contract basis.

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